Website backlinks from where to get and how to analyze them?

Website backlinks from where to get and how to analyze them?

Whatever one may say, the main way to promote a resource is still link ranking, that is, building up the link mass. Today we’ll talk about what backlinks are, where you can buy them, and how to analyze links from competitor sites.

Effectiveness of backlinks

Backlinks are almost the main factor in ranking websites in search engines. The essence of link ranking is quite simple — the more links with a keyword are purchased in the anchor, the higher the position of the resource that opens for this keyword will be. In other words, the promotion of a resource using backlinks consists of increasing the number of external links. But you should not forget about their quality either.

The effectiveness of promotion using backlinks depends on the exchanges and aggregators used, as well as (which is quite logical) depends on the number of funds invested. Free backlinks also have the right to life, but the effect of them will have to wait a long time, and it will not be so overwhelming.


Exchanges for buying perpetual links

Currently, there are three most effective exchanges where you can buy perpetual links. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the concept of eternity is quite relative, and each exchange is considered differently. 

The first exchange is GoGetLinks. It appeared relatively recently but is developing very rapidly. Experienced CEOS rate it as one of the best in terms of price and quality. It is well suited for promoting large, serious projects.

The exchange uses only verified resources that have been around for more than six months as donors. Thus, it gives the buyer not only an increase in traffic through traffic but also the trust of search engines.

On GoGetLinks, you can buy the following types of links: a small note (up to five sentences with a thematic text and a link to the site), a link in context (any article on the stock exchange, a phrase from which can become an anchor for the link), a picture (a thematic image with the desired link).

Another exchange, Miralinks, is probably one of the largest in the Network. It has a lot of suggestions for the high-quality placement of perpetual links. However, it also costs more — since, in addition to the link, you will have to buy (alternatively, write it yourself) an article for it. And Miralinks has special requirements for its quality.

However, this disadvantage of the exchange has its advantages. In particular, high-quality review articles will ultimately form a good public opinion about the resource, create an impression of openness and readiness for dialogue. When promoting in search engines, the link to the resource will be displayed along with the article, which will save the site from a possible ban.

Thus, Miralinks is suitable for promoting large companies that primarily value quality and are willing to pay for it.

To buy links in blogs, there is a good exchange Rotapost. There is a fairly large selection of donor blogs, and thematic posts with the right link are placed on them relatively quickly.

Where to buy rental links

Leased links have their own advantages — a lower price, the ability to quickly increase traffic to the resource. A good exchange for buying rented links is Cape.

What is interesting about it? First of all, just a huge number of donor sites. There is also an automatic placement function in it. the system itself will determine ad platforms based on the user’s initial settings. However, it is still recommended to buy links manually — this is an opportunity to choose high-quality sites and articles for the link. Although here it is already convenient for anyone.

Link aggregators

Aggregators are systems that automatically purchase links to promote resources. Most often, optimizers use three aggregators: SeoPult, WebEffector, and Rookie.

SeoPult is still the subject of controversy about their effectiveness, promotion methods, etc. But this aggregator is perfect for beginners who are making their first attempts at independent website promotion. Yes, and experienced optimizers will find their advantages in the service. SeoPult makes a good assessment of the prospects for getting traffic for certain keywords. Many keywords after such an analysis have the opportunity to get to the top of search engines in a month or two.

WebEffector is a relatively new aggregator where you can buy both rented and perpetual external links. You can use it to effectively evaluate traffic and even determine how much it will ultimately cost to promote your site in search engines and get rid of irrelevant and overly inflated queries. The aggregator actually allows you to buy high-quality links. By the way, another major difference between WebEffector is a set of professional recommendations for users.

Another new link aggregator is Rookie. It is now actively promoting itself, offering a lot of promotion methods, including for The Google search engine-something that other aggregators cannot boast of. There are a lot of flexible settings and a fairly extensive link base, developed thanks to cooperation with the largest link exchanges on the Runet. Rookie is suitable for experienced optimizers.

Как проанализировать ссылки конкурентов

Regular analysis of backlinks helps you find out how your competitors ‘ sites are being promoted, and what methods of promotion you can apply in practice yourself. When analyzing external links, you should pay attention to the quality of the site’s external links, the anchors used, how links are distributed by PR and TIC, how many links are placed on the main pages and in Yandex directories, what type of links are most often used, and how much all these happiness costs.

The Solomon service was created for this purpose. It provides high-quality analysis of the link mass of any site. The functions of Solomon include a demonstration of incoming links with anchors (including domain mirrors), demonstration of sites registered at the same IP address, display, and analysis of outgoing links on the selected domain. All this data can be uploaded in CSV format.




Website backlinks from where to get and how to analyze them?

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