TechTarget Lost 25% of Search Traffic Due to Technical SEO Issues

TechTarget Lost 25% of Search Traffic Due to Technical SEO Issues

TechTarget Lost 25% of Search Traffic Due to Technical SEO Issues

TechTarget’s recent earnings report found that free traffic represented 94% of its traffic for the quarter.

TechTarget, a leading US-based business marketing services company, reported that Google’s organic traffic fell 25% in November. Management says search traffic trends do not directly affect a company’s revenue. However, TechTarget noted the drop was significant in its fourth-quarter 2019 earnings report released on Wednesday.

November Traffic Changes

The company’s official statement states the following:

Free traffic accounted for 94% of total traffic for the quarter. This is the most important traffic metric because it is one of the main reasons we operate with a gross margin of 76% and have such a high operating percentage in our model, unlike many. Internet companies with linear traffic acquisition costs. income growth. Historically, we’ve welcomed changes to Google’s algorithm, as they generally reward us for our high-quality content. However, Google’s November algorithm update seemed to take a different view of our record-protected content and our older content database, resulting in a 25% drop in traffic. We believe this is a technical SEO issue, are testing various changes related to this, and are optimistic that the situation will improve over time.

Here’s another interesting piece of the report:

It’s important to note that, unlike many mainstream internet models, organic traffic volume is not directly related to our revenue, as reflected in Q4 2019 results. increased traffic is preferable, it will not directly increase our income. Our branded products are a source of income directly related to website traffic. This represents approximately 15% of our total revenues. Our strategy has always been premium pricing which results in unsold inventory, so we didn’t see any drop in revenue from traffic.

Google search algorithm update in November

Was there a Google search algorithm update in November? It’s partially confirmed, but the search engine says it was a bunch of small updates, not just a big update. However, some site owners then reported a 30-50% drop in traffic.

TechTarget Traffic Dips 25%

TechTarget said Google’s organic traffic fell 25% in November. Here’s a graph from their site from SEMRush (a set of tools that tracks traffic for a set of keywords): You

can see a 20-25% drop in organic, which started in October-November 2019 and ended in continues to this day.

For a more complete picture, here is a similar graph from SimilarWeb:

And here is the visibility of Serpstat: SEO

Technical errors

The company talks about a “technical SEO problem” as a possible reason for the drop in organic traffic from search Google. It’s also worth noting that TechTarget is optimistic about some of the tests it performs to retrieve traffic. While these may actually be technical SEO issues, the latest updates have covered a much larger area. Also, when it comes to Core Update, Google constantly assures everyone that there is nothing to fix. “Just improve the site.”


If the November update was for the primary search engine, some technical fixes probably won’t return 25% of organic traffic to

What SEO changes TechTarget is

BarrySchwartz, chief editor of Search Engine Land “(media about internet marketing), met with Don Hawk, CEO and co-founder Don TechTarget is not SEO and has more complete information on the project currently the company is operating in three areas in an attempt to regain lost traffic: ..

  1. Protected domain registration You must register to see some content on the site. Don says there are several areas of. this type of content on and that Google might be negative about hiding articles from unregistered users. They are now testing this and watching how the search engine reacts to the changes.
  2. Obsolete content and changes in site architecture. Tec hTarget has produced tons of content over the years. As with most great similar sites, working with older articles can sometimes lead to better rankings on Google. Therefore, experts are actively studying this area, rewriting old documents and analyzing how Google reacts to it.
  3. Page load speed. It is a secondary direction. TechTarget has already implemented a number of tools that could affect the speed of a website. Now you need to make some changes in order to increase the page load speed.

Why You Should Know It

Search engine optimization and organic traffic from Google or Yandex can make a huge difference for a business, even a large one, with a well-known brand. So huge that they have to publicly disclose this information in their quarterly income statements. It is important to have a reliable, healthy, and stable website that performs well on search engines.


TechTarget Lost 25% of Search Traffic Due to Technical SEO Issues

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