Social bookmarks in the service of website promotion

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Social bookmarks in the service of website promotion

Building your own house is worth a lot of effort — it’s like putting together a huge puzzle, the components of which you need to think through yourself or turn to professionals. Most likely, the first option will be chosen — why pay for the wiring plan, for interior design, and for builders? You can do everything yourself-cheap and angry. Somehow it will work out. No. It won’t work.

Over time, social media has become a cesspool of spam. Nevertheless, promotion using such services and social bookmarks deserves attention as one of the tools of the optimizer, so we will look at it in this article.

According to Wikipedia, social bookmarks are a continuation and logical development of the idea of bookmarks in the browser. Bookmarks in the browser are used to save links to pages that the user wants to visit later. 


* Resolve the issue of saving links when, for example, reinstalling the operating system.

  • Allow other users to use them

There are special services for working with social bookmarks. They are a convenient tool for navigating the Internet, as well as for sharing bookmarks with each other. There are also services that allow you to save and organize entire quotes and excerpts of texts from websites.

So how can we use social bookmarks for promotion?

  • Building external links, raising TIC and PR

Although not all services open links for indexing PS, but those who do may be enough for successful promotion. It may very well be that social bookmarks (as a tool for initial promotion) will soon replace catalogs. Unless, of course, crazy spamming causes search engines to exclude portal data from the database.

  • Fast indexing

When running through selected portals or individual pages, they are indexed by search engines much faster, sometimes in one or two updates. Unfortunately, this method does not apply to banned resources, but it is absolutely suitable for new satellites.

  • Users or traffic

Their influx is small, but it is there, and very high-quality. On many services, your link goes to the main page of a social bookmark – which has a noticeable effect (unfortunately, this link goes nowhere in a couple of minutes). Good thing is to get to the column of portals, which most of the bookmarks but it is almost impossible (in Memory in this column includes Yandex, Buzz, and the other with thousands of favorites).

* Brand promotion

A link in social bookmarks also affects your image. Plus, your icon (favicon) spins up, which also gives a good result.

* Low-frequency promotion

The most famous social bookmarking services (or rather their pages) are often found in the top ten search results of Yandex and Google. A user who uses this link sees Your portal (possibly the only one using this tag) and naturally goes to You. So LF and even some midrange can play into Your hands. The main thing is to be creative in writing the tags and title of the pages you want to promote.

How do I add a site to my social bookmarks?

* Manually — The most tedious way. It is good if you write high-quality posts, and you will be added to your bookmarks. And so it is a waste of a large amount of time.

* Through plugins — You can insert a special plugin on your blog/website or use a service like “All bookmarks with one button” and make it easier for users to add articles/news to a bookmark.

* Using special scripts-Demand gave birth to supply, and today the SEO market has several scripts for adding bookmarks, in addition, there are offers to place bookmarks for a certain amount on every optimizers forum.

Here are some tips on how to make adding to social bookmarks effective.

  • Make sure to prepare a link before posting it.  Just think about whether you would be hooked by this name and whether you would be interested to see what is hidden behind this name. Don’t forget to include keywords in the title (just carefully).

* Think about tags (keywords). Usually, this step is more important than the first one. Well-chosen tags are always a plus because these are the keywords you need. Don’t forget that the more tags you come up with, the bigger your link will appear on the social service’s pages. But don’t get carried away – everything should be in moderation.

  • Your profile must be fully completed. Don’t be lazy – this is a very important point. First, because you can put a link to your website/blog there. Secondly, because service admins sometimes ban accounts (along with bookmarks on these accounts) and a fully completed profile will allow you to insure (at least a little) against this very unpleasant moment.

* Use different tags and descriptions in each of your bookmarks.

  • Don’t get carried away with adding. Adding links to the same account too often can lead to a ban from administrators.

* Do not get carried away only with your (your) sites – do not regret adding other sites as well – this will distract the admins ‘ attention from your accounts.

  • Don’t spam! After all, the key to proper work is not spam, but high-quality and constant work. If you don’t spam, but just work on the site, then you won’t have any problems in the future. It is better to spend your free time walking or writing another article/news on the site, rather than sitting and adding hundreds of pages to your bookmarks.

Thus, we have considered another way to express yourself and your site. This method can be effective in a comprehensive promotion strategy, but, as with other promotion tools, you need to know the measure here – outright spam can be followed by harsh sanctions from both social service administrators and search engines.

Any Vasya Pupkin can add any links to sites of any content on any social bookmarking service. Your task is not to be like Vasya, not to run ahead of the locomotive, and patiently approach the promotion of the resource.


Social bookmarks in the service of website promotion

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