How not to fall under Google sanctions and three effective link-building techniques

continues to translate a complete guide link building to Backlinko. This time we are talking about black SEO and Google penalties, as well as three link-building strategies that work.

A little black SEO (and Google penalties)

A link-building guide wouldn’t be complete without a chapter on black SEO. Black link building is easy to spot – if the links contradict Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, they are most likely black.

Does this mean that you should avoid all black link-building techniques?

The decision is yours, but I wouldn’t recommend it – the potential benefits don’t come close to justifying the risks. But, again, it is up to you to choose. In any case, whether you are promoting in black or white, you need to know what kind of penalties Google has.

Google Penguin

What it is

An automated algorithm intended to detect spam link-building methods (e.g. gray guest posts and spam comments) and exclude the corresponding sites from the results.

How to avoid it?

Post only white links. Yes, there are studies that show that you can fool the penguin by minimizing the occurrences of hotkeys in the anchor text. However, the anchor text is only part of the question, much more important than trust. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid being filtered is not to dim the links (regardless of the anchor text).

Manual Sanctions / Unnatural Links

What is it?

Google advisors apply sanctions manual. In this case, unlike Penguin, you will receive a message through Google Search Console:

How to avoid it?

No one, except Google employees, knows by what criteria manual penalties are applied. It seems to me that there is an algorithm that detects sites that are trying to cheat the system. Such a site appears on Google’s employee list for manual review. And here the verification is being carried out in full.

Google Search Algorithms

So the best way to avoid manual penalties is to have a crystal clear link.

Another difference with Penguin is that manual penalties can be lifted after removing links and submitting a request for a new revision.

You can eliminate the routine of placing external links by using themoduleNatural LinksPromoPult “”. This technology fits perfectly into the strategies outlined below.

My Favorite Link Building Strategies (Three Step-by-Step Guides)

Here are three of my favorite battle-tested strategies for getting great links.


Resource pages Resource pages are pages that link to useful content on a topic.

For example,

Since these pages are designed solely to host links, they are ideal sites for link building.

So, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. How to find such pages

To do this, use the following Google operators. They are specially designed to search resource pages:

“Keyword” + inurl:links

“Keyword”+ “Useful sources”

“Keyword” + “Useful links”

  1. Page Evaluation

At this stage, quickly respond to the next Question: is it worth the link on this page requires effort? (You will find recommendations in the second chapter of this guide).


For example, this page has a URLRating of 12. It is also an authoritative domain. And my link will end somewhere in the body of the site (not in the footer or sidebar). It’s worth the work!

  1. We select the most appropriate content.

It may have great content, but if it doesn’t match the collection theme exactly, it won’t leave the link. So at this stage, you need to choose a page that is ideal for your site’s theme.

  1. To write a good letter

, I would recommend using this template:

Subject: Question about [Site name]

Good afternoon, [Name]!

I searched for content today on [topic] and found your page: [URL].

I just wanted to say that the list was very useful, without it I would not have found [Name of one of the sites on the list].

And I recently wrote a tutorial on [topic]. In it I am [short description].

If you are interested, here it is: [URL].

Perhaps this material could be a good addition to the useful links on your page.

Anyway, thank you for your great work in collecting materials on the subject.

Have a nice day,

[your name].

Tip: Always try to personalize your emails as much as possible. Templates only work when they don’t look like templates.

2. Building deconstruction of links

Broken links Working with broken links is one of my favorite strategies.

Why? Instead of begging for links, you are adding value to someone else’s site.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install Check My Links or LinkMiner.

These Chrome extensions quickly find broken links on your site:

  1. Look for sites with many links.

The more links there are on the site, the greater the chances that there are any broken between them.

This is where resource pages are great. Therefore, please use the Google operators above to find these pages. But don’t write to the webmaster right away, first, look for the broken links in the list.

  1. We look for broken links.

This is where you use the extension that you installed in the first step. Broken links will be highlighted in a different color:

  1. We inform the webmaster about the broken link.

And now we inform the admin that there is a broken link (or links) on your site, and we suggest that you replace it with a link to a page on your site that has similar content. As with the first method, try to find content that is as relevant as possible.

I recommend this template:

Subject: Problem with [site name]

Good afternoon!

Are you updating your site?

I searched for content on [topic] and found the page [page name: URL]. I noticed that several links appear to be down:

[URL of broken link]

I recently wrote [a summary of their content]. Linking it might be a good replacement for [specific broken link].

Hope you find this information helpful 🙂

Thank you,

[your name]


LinkKPIs and Metrics3

Building. Skyscraper Method

This video describes the process of building a skyscraper in detail:

Skyscraper Technique (editorial) – a lot of work

If you haven’t seen the video, here is a recipe for the Skyscraper Technique. It’s somewhat different from the generally accepted explanation: it’s not enough to find great content and make yours five times cooler.

Three Steps to Successful Skyscraper

  1. ConstructionFind super viral content on the first page of search results for a business application.
  2. Make Strategic Improvements – Make yours cooler.
  3. Promote it by all available means.

The first step is to find a fairly narrow niche, a business request that works for you. And at the same time, there won’t be a clear content leader in search results.

It should be a topic that will definitely give you specific conversions. It’s helpful to see what the cost per click is on this topic in context. High bids are a sign of the commercial success of the application, as they are being fought for.

But if at the same time strong sites with good content are at the top, then this is not our case, it will not be profitable to compete. We will have to build not a skyscraper, but a whole elevator to space. Look for another.

In the second step, we begin to build a skyscraper.

Methods to improve the content:

  • Utility: do not pour water and stand in the Captain Obvious position. Tips should be practical and cool enough.
  • Practical examples. This enriches any material.
  • Emotions: for your texts to be read, they must have a “voice” and have an emotional connotation.
  • Expert Tips: This is the foundation on which you will build your content promotion tactics. Choose experts who like to communicate with the audience, they lead the mailing list.
  • UX and design: good behavior has not been canceled. Make non-standard illustrations, prepare snippets suitable for republishing.

And finally, the third step is promotion:

  • Newsletter and social networks: include all your promotion channels.
  • Letters to the experts: write to all the “used” experts that the article has been published, there is a link for you, it would be nice to offer this article to your readers.
  • Add an item to collections – see method 2 above.
  • Relink in other articles: Link to your mega-article where appropriate on your site.
  • Start the viral distribution mechanism: insert social media buttons whenever possible, the ability to share, tweet, modify. Make your content easy to share.

Such a “page of power” will function as an obedient workhorse.

And again: don’t build a skyscraper where there are already many skyscrapers. Find a niche where even a five-story building looks like a Manhattan skyscraper.

The next part contains case studies and non-obvious tips on creating linked jobs.



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