How to promote your site in search engines

How to promote your site in search engines


Learn how to promote your site in search engines

In the modern world, almost everyone has their own website. But not everyone is popular.

Just creating a website and thinking through its concept is not the main job. Sure, this is a long and time-consuming process, but who will view the site other than you or your friends based on the recommendation you sent?

There are several rules for creating a website and promoting it.

Register your site in the search engine

  1. First, you need to register the created site in the search engine. With the help of a search engine, each person searches for different information. It is registration in the search engine that gives most of the traffic to your site. The most famous in Russia are such search engines as Google, Yandex, Mail, Rambler. The English-speaking population also uses the Google system.
  2. There are automatic registration sites and services that are automatically added to search engines. First, we will register on the largest sites manually, and then use a special service to register on all the others. The only problem is that there is a huge amount of information on these sites. The possibility that typing a topic from your site in a query will lead a person to your site is negligible.

If you want your site to be noticed, do this

If you take the example that a page contains no more than 10 links for your query, those links that fall further than 3 pages are at risk of not being seen.

Statistics show that 90% of people view the first and very rarely the second pages.

You need to complete the task so that your link appears on one of the first pages.

If you understand a little bit about this technology, you can successfully promote your site. The bottom line is that you need to purchase links that contain the phrase you want to promote. You should pay for links directly to automated services, and not through third-party offices.

There are paid services that offer services for website promotion and promotion. At the moment, there are too many such promotion sites. Therefore, you should not believe everything that they offer.

It happens that they offer to promote your site, but they themselves are far from being on the first pages. This way, no one will see your ad, respectively. It will be a useless infusion of money.

Therefore, this type of service should only be used on serious and proven sites. To check for yourself whether this site is a good one, first, you need to check the time of its existence. How long has this site’s domain been in existence?

How do I check my site in search engines?

  • We check the site in Google, Yandex, Mail, Rambler, and Aport search engines.
  • Next, we check by the name that we can see at the top of our browser. By using this name, we will check which line in the search engine this site is located on. If in one of the first, then he can certainly be trusted.
  • If you use an unscrupulous site, problems may start soon. Indexing on your site will be reset to zero, and you will need a long time to recover. Your energy and money will be wasted.
  • It is also recommended to check the PR and TIC indicators. In order not to be deceived, these indicators should be quite high.
Website promotion should not stop for a single day

In fact, website promotion is a continuous and time-consuming process that cannot be stopped for a single minute. Because new sites are constantly being created, which are being promoted and move your site further in search engines. If you have registered a website and don’t use it, it will soon be at the bottom of the Internet.

If you can spend the next 5 minutes in self-education, then follow the link and read our next article: Why do I need to promote my site on social networks?


How to promote your site in search engines

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