Instructions for ordering optimized content in the system PromoPultOwners of sites and groups in social networks have different approaches to creating content. Some write texts themselves, others order on exchanges, and still, others hire copywriters and editors. Each of these methods requires sacrifices: either time to write texts or a lot of money to pay for the work of specialists.

An alternative is to fill the site with the PromoPult advertising system. In this case, your participation in the process of creating and placing texts on the site is minimized, and the result will be optimal in terms of price/quality.

With PromoPult, you do not need to:

  • look for performers, negotiate, worry about missing deadlines, refusal to revise or about a banal “scam”;
  • spend time writing, editing, and publishing;
  • to doubt the quality of text optimization and cross your fingers each time after placement, so as not to fall under the “Baden-Baden”;
  • worry that, as a result of the introduction of the new Yandex algorithm (YATI), your website pages will never get to the top of organic search results.

Advantages of ordering texts in PromoPult:

  • content creation is managed in a convenient personal account;
  • texts are written by verified in-house copywriters, each text is checked by an editor;
  • in addition to the main text, you get ready-made Title and Description meta tags;
  • texts are written for different types of sites – online stores, corporate sites, business card sites, groups in social networks;
  • the service of layout and content placement on the site is available;
  • If necessary, you can send the texts for a free revision.

Preparation of texts is a streamlined process, in which the main load is taken over by the system. However, in the process of working with the module, nuances arise that are useful for everyone who orders texts in the system.

Instructions for ordering texts in the PromoPult system

Registration in the system and selection of the service

Express ordering of texts (without starting a project)

Ordering texts for promoted pages (service “One-time orders of texts”)

Acceptance of ready-made texts

Further development of content

How to improve the efficiency of working with content in PromoPult ( FAQ)

  1. General questions. Preparation for working with texts
  2. Ordering texts
  3. Execution of an order, approval, revision
  4. Layout
  5. Financial issues

Instructions for ordering texts in the PromoPult system

Registration in the system and selection of services

Ordering texts is done from your personal account. To access it, follow the link and create an account. If you are already registered with PromoPult, skip this step.

PromoPult has several options for working with content, depending on the tasks to be solved:

  • one-time orders of texts for your tasks without entering the project into the system;
  • ordering optimized texts for landing pages for a project that is promoted to PromoPult;
  • regular filling of the site with new content.

Let’s consider everything in detail.

Express order of texts (without project)

creating an express order, it is not necessary to create a project in advance. Follow the link,enter the site name (for identification in the system), the URL site, keywords and URLs for which the desired text.

If there are many keys, it is more convenient to load them with an XLS file in the Key / URL format.

If you only have a list of keys without a URL, you can download it and then click on the symbol with blue arrows. In this case, the system will select suitable URLs by itself. It does it like this: for each request, it turns to a search engine and finds relevant indexed pages within your site. If there is no suitable page in the PS index, the main page of the site will be substituted.

In the next step, the system will group the keywords by page and, by default, set 2,000 characters for each text. You can change the volume manually.

Here you can also count the number of current occurrences of the specified phrases on the page. Here are examples of situations in which this information will be useful:

  • You noticed that the text is no longer unique (it was simply copied by someone) and you want to rewrite it keeping the current number of key occurrences. You can see how many occurrences there were, and in the comment ask you to save this number in the new text.
  • You analyzed the number of occurrences and found that some queries never appear in the text, and some are present in sufficient quantity. You simply uncheck the boxes next to queries with several occurrences, leave queries with zeros and ask in the comments to supplement the text with the addition of the specified phrases.
  • You found that there are too many occurrences of queries on the page (for example, in a small description for a couple of thousand characters the same query appears 10 times) – such texts are considered over spammed, and they need to be redone.

comment to the order is a free editing field. The specified information is seen by the administrator, layout designer, and copywriter.

In the commentary, you can:

  • put the TK for writing texts (for example, indicate the data sources, requirements for the content of the text, style – we will dwell on the TK in detail);
  • ask to typeset the text in a special way (for example, the first paragraph – before the list of goods, the rest of the text – at the end);
  • indicate important information (for example, features of access or operation of the CMS, ask a question to the administrator, etc.).

When ordering texts expressly, the layout service is disabled by default. That is, no later than three working days after ordering, you will receive ready-made texts, and you need to place them yourself on your site. If you want PromoPult specialists to do it, put a tick in front of the “Order layout” item.

Now choose whether to keep the old text (if any) or not.

In some cases it is not worth saving the text:

  • it is over spammed with key phrases (over-optimized);
  • the quality of the text leaves much to be desired (many mistakes, “water”, little useful information);
  • the text was written a long time ago and has lost its relevance;
  • text copied from other sources (copy-paste).

If you have a good text, but you want to expand it, then be sure to check the “Save” option and add a comment with wishes to the content and an indication in which part of the page to type the new text.

Be sure to provide correct access to the CMS (address, login, password) and FTP (host, login, password). If you do not know where to get access, write to us in feedback. Without access, the layout designer will not be able to start work, which is why the timing of the content published is shifted.

Ordering texts for promoted pages (service “One-time orders of texts”)

Select a project from those that are already promoted in the system, or add a new one. In the left menu, go to the service “One-time orders of texts”:

At the first step, a list of projects will open – select the one for which you will order content.

If you have previously added key phrases to the promotion, you will immediately be taken to the already familiar page for ordering texts and layout, described above. Otherwise, the system will redirect you to the SEO module and offer to collect key phrases.

The selection of semantics using the example of a car service site is described in detail here. If you already have a semantic core ready, just import it.

After adding the keys, the system will identify the relevant pages. Now you have two ways: 1) return to the “One-time orders of texts” section and order content for the added keys; 2) cluster semantics for free and only then order texts.

We advise you to choose the second path. Clustering is available in the Landing Pages / Word Clustering tab.

On the “Text Optimization” tab there is useful information for setting technical specifications for copywriters. This tab is for more advanced users. We talked in detail about its correct use in the article “Do-it-yourself content optimization”.

To go from the SEO module to ordering texts, on the Text Optimization tab, click Order Text in front of any group of phrases.

Next, select the number of texts, leave a comment and order a layout – all this is already familiar to you.

Acceptance of ready-made texts

After placing an order, it gets into the work of PromoPult specialists. As soon as the text is ready, the editor checks it and sends it to you.

To get the finished text, go to the module “Texts for the project”, find the order of interest and download the attached file.


Here is a snippet of one of the ready-made texts:


Read the text and accept it or send it for revision, if necessary. If you do not respond to the text within three working days, it will be considered accepted.

After the approval of the text, it is necessary to place it on the specified page. If you ordered a layout, PromoPult specialists will do it. If not, place the text yourself.

Further development of content

When the main tasks for preparing texts are solved, it remains to regularly fill the site with useful materials on your topic – news, instructions, “how-to” articles for a blog, etc. .. n

Why: the

  • search engines keep track of changes to the site and give preference to those that are actively developing (one of the signals is just the new content);
  • you form your own information ecosystem (if a person needs to figure out how your product works, he will not have to leave your site and go to competitors – as a result, the value of the site in the eyes of users increases, trust in you and the conversion rate increase);
  • new content attracts low-cost targeted traffic from low-frequency searches.

To fill the site in the PromoPult system there is a separate module “Regular content development”.

The system will recommend a monthly budget, which determines how often new text will be published. The budget and the number of characters in the article can be adjusted, as well as additional order placement on the site.



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