How to make a Description

How to make a Description

How to make a Description

How do I create a Description correctly? There is a proportional relationship: the more accurate the page description, the more successful its promotion. The Description meta tag is very important because it plays a significant role in site promotion, and it needs to be formed as correctly as possible. It was experimentally proven that the Description itself does not particularly affect the output in the search result, but it forms an annotation to your site.

Make a good description of the page

There are several ways to create a description.

  1. Generating a snippet from the text provided in the Description.
  2. You can use content from the page.
  3. A snippet can be made from the site description in the YAK or DMOZ catalogs.
  4. You can add headings and subheadings.

These methods are not a template, because there are people who have their own unique algorithm for creating snippets. You can even add Alt images there. But in most cases, it is formed from a Description, so it is very important to fill it in.

If your site has a highly competitive theme, it is the snippet that will help your site rise in ranking and be competitive. From all this, we can conclude that the Description meta tag is very important.

If it happens that your project is listed below the competition, do not despair. an interesting and enticing snippet may attract more visitors. At the same time, your site should answer your questions efficiently. The information provided on it must be constantly updated.

All of the above can increase the ranking of your site in search engines, thereby bringing more popularity. What should the correct Description look like?

What will make a snippet more attractive?

Consider a small example. A certain website was created to organize the sale of plastic Windows. Obviously, there is a lot of competition in this area. When displaying search results, the search engine returns billions of responses. To attract potential customers, we need our project to be as high as possible.

If the description is compiled correctly, we do the following::

  1. We carefully and carefully study what results the search engine produces for a particular query, and which words are considered keywords. For example, the search engine selected “double-glazed window” and “PVC”, you need to write them out.
  2. And then we come up with a text that will attract the client. It consists of three parts: one exact occurrence, and one diluted (skewed), which is highlighted by Yandex. Of course, you can do even better – insert all the words highlighted by Yandex.
  3. Keywords and highlighted words should be placed as close as possible and, at the same time, at the beginning of the text. If you fill in the description correctly, you get an attractive snippet, which, in turn, gives the “Black box” effect — the highlighted beginning of our snippet. Combined with a well-chosen title, this will have the most positive effect on attracting customers.

As a result, we get approximately the following Description: “PVC double-glazed Windows and Windows from the company C. PVC double-glazed Windows in XXX at the best prices. Promotions, gifts, and discounts.»

♦ Now, when users enter similar queries, our site will take the lead in the search results. The main thing is to fill in articles correctly, so as not to reduce the popularity and not negate all the work in creating a description.

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  1. Select a theme

Most often, they describe what something looks like. For example, an animal, a person, or a place. Sometimes there are descriptions on a free topic.

So, the first thing to do is to decide on the topic. What do you want to describe?

  1. Think through the details

Secondly, you need to think through the details. This is very important, as it is the details that will help you see your word picture. Details describe the shape, color, sounds, and smell. Details help you describe your actions.

It’s best to look at what you’re describing. Be sure to touch and smell it. Remember that the details should appeal to your feelings.

Here is a sample list of questions to describe:

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does it feel like?

You don’t have to disclose all the points, but you can answer a few questions.

  1. Make a description plan

The details of a good description follow in a certain order. This order corresponds to the natural perception of the object.

So, for example, if you are describing a person, it is natural to start describing them from top to bottom (from head to toe). You should also do this if you are describing a building or tree.

If you are describing a room, you should first convey the overall impression, and then go to the details, moving from left to right.

When describing them, they usually follow the following order::

  • we start at the front and move deeper,
  • first, we describe what is outside, then what is inside,
  • First, we describe what is far away, then what is close.


How to make a Description

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