How to Legally Remove Negativity content from the Internet and Improve a Business’ Reputation

Remove Negativity content

What is guaranteed to lead to an aggravation of the conflict with the author of the review?

Buy the author

It may seem that removing information from the Internet in one way or another will cost money: for example, redo shoddy work, give a discount, or ask a question head-on:  But that will not solve the problem.

Let’s take a look at the situation from the perspective of an upset customer. He had a bad experience and could well give a bad rating. Instead, the client has taken the time and energy to tell the story – they want the company’s attention and a solution to the problem.

By offering money to the author of the review, the company is making it clear, “We are not interested in your experience. Disappear. “

In the best case, the person will break the price, in the worst case, they will add a comment about the attempted bribery. The company is unlikely to be happy with these options.


If we are talking about a fake opinion, there are tools that can help to solve the problem from a legal point of view. If

the person wrote the truth, the lawsuits will go nowhere. Most likely, the case will end with a language test.

Threats to the author

This will definitely make it harder to remove negative reviews. The client will notify you about threats on social media, from there it will all go to the public pages and then to bloggers.

For example, Synergy University threatened the blogger Stalingulag with a lawsuit because of the critical videos. Even if it was possible to meet and discuss the situation calmly. As the, for example, chef of Dodo Pizza Fyodor Ovchinnikov after a negative analysis of the blo healer Oleg Assa.

As a result, Synergy got some unwanted mentions in mainstream media and no one started removing the videos.


Founder of Reputation Moscow Company

Negative reviews in and of themselves don’t hurt sales in any form – corporate silence does harm. There are enough businesses and people around us who feel good, even with negative comments and public scandals. They just know how to pit the positives that the target audience appreciates.

Internet negativity is evil, but evil is inevitable. Likewise, it is impossible to start a business without mistakes and mistakes. Perhaps this is why no one believes in ideal estimates because they subconsciously cause rejection.

At the same time, it is normal for a company to take responsibility for its informational portrait and seek to level out outdated information.

The minimum schedule is to respond to a review

A response to a review works for two audiences: the reviewer and third-party readers. If you can’t remove the information, at least the company will show they are following opinions. And it is not bad.

Responding to reviews is an art, so we’ll stick to the basics.

We are laid out to better remember the beginning and end of the text, so it makes sense to lock the negative in the middle of the text. The author will read the entire text and the eyes of other users will catch the positive aspects.

The next moment is the essence of the problem described. It is possible to solve some problems in a few hours: for example, to understand why the money was written off, or to send a master to redo the work.

In other situations, it is more difficult to make amends. Depending on the ability to solve the problem, the logic of the response is built.

Greetings TheNow let’s look at each item in more detail.

dialogue should begin with a greeting and gratitude for the feedback. Contacting the author is done by profile name, with the exception of clearly insane options. In this case, just write “Hello!” or “Hello!”


You should ask for forgiveness in the event of serious business misconduct. For example, a customer is dissatisfied with the condition of a hotel room. He’s already gone, and little gifts don’t matter.

Commentary on the problem

It is necessary to respond constructively to all the described problems that the author of the review writes about. It is impossible to highlight an insignificant detail, forgetting the main claims.

If the situation is painful, it should be resolved completely: Response from Tinkoff Bank to

Contact request

In any case, the customer should be identified – and the contact request will help. It is also a good idea to leave yours for communication.

How the problems will be solved The

customer has initiated changes in the company by his activity – let him know.

Advantages of the company The

scenarios for addressing the company and its advantages are written here. It’s important to show that the perpetrator faced the bad sides of the business, but there are some positives as well.

A good example of responding to customer complaints is the response of the “Golden Apple” on the platform

The average program is to bring the author into a dialogue.

Solving the customer’s problem is an entry ticket, without which it will not be possible to close a question with unwanted information.

The employee who caused the negative reviewer experience is emotionally drawn into the problem. It can become a problem, so it is fundamentally important that another specialist deals with the client’s issue.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula here: even very similar cases can have diametrically opposed solutions.

Denote the key toolbox.

Finding the right approach for the start of negotiations

Difficult step: the first contact sets the mood for further communication. Some people prefer to communicate by phone, others by email or social media, while others need a personal meeting.

Understand how each party views the conflict.

You need to ask the employees of the company and get in touch with the author of the negative. Usually, no one is ready to accept the opponent’s position, as it seems the decision is on the surface.

Let’s give an example from practice. The task was to remove the outdated reviews on the online cosmetics store. One commentary was cautioned not to come into personal contact with the author. We have tried different scenarios to remove information from the internet, but they did not give any results. As a result, the customer gave the green light to communication.

It turned out that the problem with the order fell on a very unlucky customer day. The girl threw away all the accumulated negatives in the online store. Moreover, when she admitted it, she herself offered to withdraw her comment. Therefore, do not be afraid to listen to customers 🙂

Determine the motivation on each side

If we want to understand the author of the negative, we have to delve into psychology, look for the reasons that prompted him to write a review. The more information there is, the more options there are for building a dialogue.

Each party is motivated to receive value in exchange for expense, effort.

Practice shows that few people want to earn money. More often than not, attention is needed, an apology or the closure of other needs.

Find out what the parties are willing to sacrifice

Parties can make concessions if they understand that they will acquire the main value – conflict resolution. The service is ready to give the customer a one-month extended subscription, and the customer is ready to delete the information that they have invested time and effort in.

Let’s say from experience: the more the conflict develops, the more difficult it is for the parties to find a common language.

Course on the topic

“Digital PR” – you will learn how to manage communication and shape the image of a company online

“The Basics of effective communication” – learn how to build communication as a team, with partners and face-to-face and negotiate in favor of your interests

Negotiation is the best way to find an acceptable solution to the conflict

Someone who removes information from the Internet, like a good human resources manager, spends 70% of their time on chat with people. His role is closer to that of an arbitrator: he listens to the positions of the parties and proposes a solution that suits everyone.

A good example of how large companies resolve a conflict situation through negotiations is illustrated by the story that occurred in 2019. Group closed the direct Internet channel for Beeline customers, explaining that the operator has unilaterally increased the cost of SMS for its users by six times. After disconnecting the channel, Beeline users encountered problems accessing resources.


How the broke out conflict

… and how it was successfully resolved with the wording “we have found a compromise on controversial issues”

. We have surely been faced with such a situation. We ordered a product, but it comes later, and even with a defect. The help desk does not respond to complaints, so you should write a negative review of the company.

When a representative of an online store comes in contact and says that the review should be removed, there is a desire to write a new message. It’s another matter if a company employee says, “Yes, we were wrong – we want to apologize and make amends.” It changes things and you want to compromise.

We are a nation of underserved customers, and this fact can be used. In Europe and the United States, the removal of information from the Internet through negotiations is implemented, and therefore polite dialogue does not surprise anyone. In Russia, attention to customer issues often pays off.

How to improve customer service

What to do if the author cheats

Sometimes the author writes blatant nonsense – maybe not for free. In this case, it is better to work on the negative according to this scenario.

Responding to the exam

Indicate any inconsistencies in the text – there will certainly be a lot. Ask for contacts for communication – and there will be no answer. No need to worry – that’s how it should be 😉


No need to be shy to point out explicit author errors: Star Talk’s response on respectable

Complaining about the review

sites – such as 2GIS, Yandex. Market – have internal contact forms. You must gather evidence of your innocence and write to the administration.

A sample letter to the site administration:


I am a representative of Company X. On your site, there is a message “name” of user “name” at the following link.

The user wrote that on 04/10/2019 he tried to sign up for a test drive but the operator did not pick up the phone for a long time and then got rude. The point is, the user is rude. Additionally, he requested a reward for deleting his post. I can prove it all. Tell me, how can we solve this problem? “

Do not talk about removing the plain text notice. It is better to offer to resolve the issue or to settle the moment. During a dialogue with a representative of the site, one can bring up such a decision – s’ it was possible to persuade the administration to take its side.

But there is a nuance here: the site will protect itself if it prescribes in the rules that the users of the site are responsible for the accuracy of the information published. It is difficult to counter this, so it is better to be as convincing as possible so that the administration does not have the idea of ​​waving to the rules

Duplicate the request of the resource administration

Sometimes the request through the forms does not produce any effect. In this case, it is worth duplicating the request directly to the resource administration. Usually, contacts can be found on the site itself.

When duplicating, you must be guided by the internal rules of the portal l. If it is indicated that the complaint is under investigation for 14 days, it is better to wait 10-12 days and then feel free to duplicate the request.

You will need a strong persuasive force, backed up by evidence of innocence. Otherwise, the administration can request a court decision.


Sum Up The most reliable way is to solve the author’s problem and convince them to remove the review. It is the basis of modern customer service.

All notices must be answered. At least – to collect feedback and bring dissatisfied customers to the dialogue.

No one will immediately tell you the real reasons for the dissatisfaction. However, people open up if they show interest in solving their problems.

The returning customer is more sensitive to new business mistakes. In addition, the customer cannot be returned twice.

If the reviewer writes a lie, there is no point in talking to him. For reasons of form, you must answer, then collect evidence of its error and resolve the problem with the administration of the site where the message is published.


How to Legally Remove Negativity content from the Internet and Improve a Business’ Reputation

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