How to get backlinks for website

How to get backlinks for website

How to get free backlinks

Evgeniya Romanchuk, the content marketer of the multifunctional SEO platform Serpstat, wrote especially for Netology about seven topical ways to post high-quality backlinks for free.

What are the links and why do I need them?

There are two types of links: anchor and non-anchor.

Anchor links are those in which the link is hidden under the text, and when you click on it, you are taken to another site. For example, “Internet Marketing Blog” is an anchor link. If you click on it, you will be taken to the main blog 

A “naked” link to the blog Non-anchor links also include links that are hidden under the text that does not carry a semantic load ^ “here, here, here, in more detail.”

Anchor links help promote site pages for queries, and non-anchor links improve trust (an indicator of the trust of search engines to a site) and domain authority. As a result, search robots are more likely to index your site and move up the search results faster.

Since links directly affect rankings, good SEOs only use natural backlinks from authoritative sources in the eyes of search engines. Unfortunately, it is not so cheap to get high-quality backlinks, and if you buy bad links, the site will fly under the sanctions of Google and Yandex.

How do you find quality linking sites with your competitors?

Analyzing the link mass of competitors, isn’t it a waste of time? No and no again. Looking at competitors’ backlinks, we get the following: a

  • list of various sites;
  • we will immediately understand in what context you need to place a link to your site (order an article, post on the forum, add a site to the catalog, and so on);
  • we will see the level of trust of search engines to these sites and select the best options for our own project;
  • we will save time for checking the quality of a possible site for posting a backlink.

To do this, open the backlink analysis tool, enter the competitor’s website address and click on the green button. We get a detailed list of backlinks in one click and start analyzing them.

The analysis will be carried out on the example of an online store about fishing.

From the summary report, go to the “Referring Pages → New Links” tool. We study the list of backlinks and select sites for further analysis according to the following parameters:

  • Serpstat Page Runk and Trust Runk (Flow Metrics) for a quality site should not be equal to zero. To be sure which metric is the best in your niche, take a look at the Page and Trust Runk of the leading sites in the topic. Also, do not forget to monitor the quality of donors to your site in order to get rid of bad links with zero Flow Metrics, which lower the domain authority in time.
  • Link Type: Preferred Follow so that our site receives weight from the donor backlink. But keep in mind that the link mass should not consist only of links open for indexing. This is unnatural and too suspicious for search robots, which is fraught with PS sanctions.

Let’s select the first 10 links for research to make sure that this method of obtaining free backlinks is relevant. In total, out of ten, we got:

  • two catalogs of sites where we can also place the project;
  • a blog where you can agree to post a link to us;
  • Fishers forum poseschalkoy 1.7M for SimilarWeb, a great place to post comments with links to products online store;
  • and two live forums with links to products “Angler Sportsman”.

To summarize: it is quite simple and effective to select sites for backlinks with the help of competitors if you know the correct algorithm for analyzing the link mass of rivals.

How else to get links for free?

In addition to analyzing competitors, the simplest and most effective methods are:

On the questionnaires

Platforms According to the principle “ Answers” (any topics), “Toaster” (for promoting services/services in the field of IT, Internet marketing). You can not only place links in the answers but also in the body of the question on the principle “which is better to choose from …”.

Sowing high-quality material in social networks

We write a monumental article with internal links to goods in the blog of an online store and invite the thematic publics to share the material. In addition, in these publics, you can leave natural links from a live profile to an online store.

For good material, we will receive not only links, but also audience loyalty, increasing brand awareness in the market, and also converting readers into buyers.

Guest posting and publication of materials on sites-collections of articles

Select the list of visited thematic blogs on the Runet and prepare quality materials by contacting the resource owners in advance. In the article, organically add links to products from your online store. Readers should not suspect that the material is ordered.

When publishing material, indicate in the signature of the author “amateur fisherman”, and not as a representative of the online store so that the audience of the blog treats you trustingly.

You can post posts to get links on the social network of creative people Colors.Life. There was even a place for fishing here.

Set up a contest with reposts

This is the most unobtrusive way to collect a lot of links and traffic to the site with minimal cost of prizes and increase brand awareness. People love contests with valuable gifts, such as a cool rod or platform from a foreign manufacturer.

Such promotions scatter on their own, and you can also safely ask to support thematic publics by reposting, post announcements on forums.

Bulletin Boards

Post your products and services on free popular bulletin boards with links to the main site. In addition to the backlink, we can get buyers.

  • for Ukraine: OLX, RIA, Free of charge;
  • for Russia: Avito, UBU.

Comments on articles

We are not talking about custom comments, but about the most natural ones under fresh thematic articles. Only in this case, comments with links will be moderated.

In order to work with comments, you need to create fake emails, accounts in Disqus, and also set up a service for mentioning a brand, thematic phrases on the Internet – Mention.

Summing up

Free links can be obtained without even resorting to the help of SEO specialists. To do this, you need to become your target audience, think carefully about where you would pay attention to the link and whether the material/comment/competition is useful to you, and only then publish.

Competitors will help you reduce the time spent looking for reputable sites. And also learn how to use the Mention network mentions platform to post comments under thematic articles on the Runet. And then you will receive multiple free traffic, which, moreover, will be of high quality. Good luck.



How to get backlinks for website

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