How To Create Effective Web Content: 6 other Reliable Ways

1. your photo should be On the main page

If your business requires you or your employees to hold face-to-face meetings with customers, then your face should be on the main page. This way, potential customers can quickly form an opinion about you and decide whether to trust you.

But don’t force people to go to the “About” page to “meet” you. This may be too long a route for them. Build relationships with users where they appear most often — on the main page.

Add photos of people from your team where appropriate, as people react differently to random images.

2. the Design should not be at the expense of functionality

Despite the fact that design features form the first impression, a lot depends on how well your design is consistent with the functionality of the site, how convenient it is to use.

Unfortunately, very often the design becomes an obstacle and does not convey important information.

One of the most common examples that are present even on simple, uncomplicated sites are elements that move spontaneously.

Whether it’s a blog post, a review, or a carousel of customer logos, research shows that such uncontrolled elements only distract attention, and you miss out on clicks.

Want to add an interesting design element? First, think about whether it is really needed. If the only argument in its favor is “it’s funny”, then don’t overcomplicate the site.

The client’s goals should be prioritized.

Pop-UPS, slides, and some enticing numbers — users don’t like all this, but site owners continue to use all these elements.

Numerous studies suggest that pop-UPS helps expand the audience for email newsletters.

But here are some other statistics:

If you have a small or medium-sized company, you will need 1,319 people to sign up for an email newsletter in the pop-up window.

3. how many clients do you lose because of pop-UPS?

Use this simple formula to determine the percentage of customers who will leave the site if they are immediately offered to become a subscriber:

[100 /pop-up window conversion rate%] x [100 / email newsletter clickability%]

If the result suits you, then all is well.

But it might be worth trying less Intrusive ways to attract traffic.:

  • Place the subscription form in the header or footer.
  • Lead magnets must be present among relevant content.
  • The lead magnet page should rank well in Google.

4. avoid visual clutter

The more columns of text, images, and CTA buttons compete for users ‘ attention, the less attention each of them gets.

If there is visual chaos on the page, users will not be able to understand what is important, and they will not perform conversion actions.

How to organize everything:

  • Use a sufficient amount of white space.
  • Emphasize important elements.
  • Stick to a visual hierarchy to show which elements are more important.
  • Post only meaningful reviews. So far, future customers have no reason to trust you. That is why it is important to emphasize your words with the reviews of those who have already worked with your company.

5. how can I increase the impact of reviews?

Use real customer names and company names in your reviews. It is better when the review refers to some problem that was solved with your help. Use numbers to highlight the effectiveness of your work.

You can place reviews next to your call to action.

Ideally, it is better to post video responses on the site — they are more effective, because site visitors also catch non-verbal information, in particular, positive emotions from the product.

Google Analytics may tell you that you need to remove the page with reviews from the navigation menu. Reviews without context lose their validity, and you may come to the conclusion that you need to use your place in the navigation menu more effectively.

6 . How Do I create web content that generates conversions?

It is more difficult to convince a person online than in person. Web resources work according to slightly different rules. But the point is the same.

Online, as in real life, trust is built on the following principles::

  • what you say (your text),
  • what do you do (web design that you show to visitors)
  • what kind of response does all this find in the audience (interaction experience)?

Of course, each site is unique, and somewhere, on the web, there are terrible resources with six pop-UPS and three exclamation marks in the headings, and yet these sites can work.

However, these tips often allow you to improve your content:

  • Keep your content clear and concise
  • Immediately get down to business, say the main thing
  • Make the articles on your pages readable
  • First of all, take care of the interests of your users


How To Create Effective Web Content: 6 other Reliable Ways

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