How to create a website for free with Website Builder

create a website for free with Website Builder

How to create a website for free with Website Builder

When I wanted to create a website, I had to implement it, my useful wishes should be based on being pampered every possible way …

But as it usually happens, the desire is there, but there is no money. So I had to look for free options on how to build a website.

There were two options:

– Create a website on a computer and then upload it to the Internet.

– Use a pre-made website builder.

I made my own decision that this is the first time you can use a website builder this method has a number of advantages:

  1. You don’t have to think about the structure of the page and the design. Most free website builders come with a pre-built website and lots of design templates.
  2. In 10-15 minutes you will get a site ready to be filled with material.
  3. There are also various modules and applications that can be easily connected to the site. If the service offers such an option, you can create your own design later.

Examples of websites that allow you to create your website quickly and for free using a website:

  1. The most famous and long-standing one -is the builder rod.easy to narod.

, a website for those who create people. There is currently the option of selecting both pre-built modules and the design for the site and using the constructor to create your own site structure and page layout. It is possible to access via FTP.

In my opinion, it has a number of drawbacks:

– Ready-made websites on humans are already boring and look very bad, there are very few design options. We recommend.

– It is very inconvenient to create your own layout for website templates. You haven’t thought through this system and it will be difficult for beginners to figure it out in order to get a more or less decent result.

– The commercial is constantly crawling to the right.

An example of your own site structure: sundukov

An example of design and structure from the proposed: sundukov.narod

  1. Very practical service –  Ucoz. ru -.ucoz

I like it the most. In just 10 minutes, you will have a pre-built website with a great design and great functionality.


– Many design templates.

– There are all the modules you need to connect and disconnect from your location.

– It is possible to access the style design of the CSS design and the HTML code of the pages, as well as the entire template, which allows the design and structure of the site to be changed in a very wide range.

– In the initial phase, before the domain is attached, there is no advertising. In fact, you have your own website, and just in the footer there is a small inscription “ technologies are used” or something similar (there is a choice)

– a very flexible service that you can quickly and easily create a website that will meet almost all of your needs.

To be honest, I haven’t found any downsides for myself yet.

Sample: salamandra.3dn

3rd-page blog page on WordPress -wordpress

There are also a number of ready-made modules, plugins, and design options. Blogs are now very popular. For those who want to write and publish their articles, this is a great option.


– Lack of access to CSS and HTML code in the free version. (You can purchase this feature for $ 15 each.)

– Inability to connect your own plugins.


com/In general, for those looking to blog on WordPress, I would recommend finding a free or low-cost hosting option and installing your CMC WordPress there, and making the most of its features.

  1. TheSite Promoted autodrom – saitodrom

offers in every possible way the possibility to create a site for free. In fact, it’s free – just user creation of a website. To get this site on the internet after it’s created, you have to pay. The cheapest option – the “business card plan” with very limited features will cost you $ 1.25 per month, assuming you pay a year in advance.

fifth constructor – majordomo

The ability to createProvides free one-sided Website Who cares – you are here. However, hosting is only temporarily free.

Well, and some other sites that I haven’t thoroughly explored the pros and cons but which allow hosting and website building with a free website builder:

  1. WebCapitalpage webstolica

Sample: web-box

  1. Jimdo -jimdo

Sample: shkafi.jimdo

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How to create a website for free with Website Builder

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