How much does it cost to promote a website?

How much does it cost to promote a website?

How much does it cost to promote a website?

Like everything in the world – in different ways. And, what complicates the choice, the quality does not depend directly on the price.

Keep in mind that SEO, like any other service, is the sale of a specialist’s time.

Simply put, if you pay 15 tr. per month, then at the cost of one hour of SEO work, for example, 900 r. – it will only be 16.5 hours per month (a little over 2 full working days). This is exactly the time that a month will be devoted to your site. This means that in the work plan for 1 month there will be a to-do list for only 2 working days.

When working with a private specialist, an hour of his time will cost less. But in general, everything is the same: by dividing the monthly contribution by the cost of an hour of work of a specialist, we know how many hours per month he will spend on your online store.

The lower the subscription fee, the longer it takes to complete the main part of the SEO job.

How to calculate the cost of SEO work?

To calculate the cost, you need to understand the amount of work. To do this, you need a detailed work plan for the promotion of an online store, according to which an SEO specialist will be able to estimate the amount of work in hours and rubles. A good plan is half the battle. It is not written “out of the blue”, but for a specific project, taking into account its current state. You can order the plan from the specialist with whom you will cooperate.

You should understand that even according to a detailed plan, the amount obtained will not be 100% accurate, but you can already take inspiration from it.

Which is better, a private SEO specialist or a business?

The most correct answer here would be “Horseradish radish is not sweeter” :-). Everything that is described in this SEO freelance article also applies to businesses. With businesses the same way, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be billed a subscriber “for nothing” without actually doing anything. The contract with the company does not guarantee the efficient use of your money and precise work on the project.

If you want this to be clear – start mastering the subject yourself or hire a third-party specialist to oversee your SEO contractors for you – this is ideal.

Whether to give access to the SEO site?                        

A business promoting your online store, or a private optimizer, may need to access a site for three things:

  • to work with content,
  • for personalization,
  • and for technical improvements.

Therefore, if someone is already doing all of these things for you, SEOs may not have access to the site at all.

In my opinion, the ideal option is when an SEO specialist only sets tasks and all technical improvements to the site are done by the studio that developed the site and your own employee changes the content.

Giving access to the site to third parties is always a risk. The risk of exposing your customer base, the risk that something is broken during the review process, the risk that the reviews will be skewed, etc. An

optimizer is usually not a programmer, and even if a programmer, he cannot and should not fully know all the CMS he has worked with. Therefore, the SEO specialist attracts more people for technical improvements. This means that the circle of those who will have full access to your online store (the admin panel and hosting) is growing.

If after the end of the job you change the passwords, it will do nothing. If a programmer wants to leave a loophole, changing the password won’t help.

If access to the content is necessary, configure the rights so that, except for the content, nothing can be edited, configured, edited, and loaded with executable files. In the same Bitrix, this is done easily, of course, in other CMS you can do that as well.

Should you buy links?

This question does not have a clear answer. But the general thrust of thinking is this: moving only links isn’t necessary – it’s risky and not promising. It is safer to focus on the semantics, texts, and other internal improvements of the online store, and to buy links carefully, as a support for the main work with internal factors.

If you buy links, let the specialist do it through your accounts.

This way, you can control the budget spending on the links, see which links are purchased, and most importantly, if SEO is to go, the rented links can be renewed independently or transferred to another specialist.

When to involve an SEO optimizer in a project?

Our clients often interested in how it would be more correct to first build a website and then promote it, or immediately develop a project with SEO requirements in mind? Simply put, do you need an optimizer right away, even before development begins, or you can use it when the site is ready.

An SEO specialist is necessary at the stage of analysis and design of an online store to properly draw up the structure of the catalog, to define features that will simplify optimization. This type of help is highly desirable in the early stages of development. 

But even without it, disaster will not happen. The ideal, as usual, is unattainable. It is normal practice when SEO promotion begins on a completely completed project.

In this case, all necessary changes are made additionally. It’s more expensive, but not critical. You don’t have to order a new website.

Also, each optimizer has its own magic. For the same project, different specialists can differ considerably in their recommendations. Therefore, if at the stage of development one specialist gave SEO consultations, and another was engaged in the direct promotion, then improvements cannot be avoided.


How much does it cost to promote a website?

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