How do you get the site to be searched first in your city’s search engines?

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How do you get the site to be searched first in your city’s search engines?

You need to take advantage of the fact that serious competition in search results is only present in large cities. In cities of 300 to 500,000 inhabitants, there is no tangible competition for the best search results.

Basic checklist for regional site optimization

You’ve probably noticed that Yandex and other search engines only show local business sites for certain queries. For example, if you enter the query “Pizza delivery” or “Installing plastic windows”, we will see the following image:

The search results for both queries only contain businesses in the city where the user.

As you can see, all of the sites on the list are local. It is clear that just because the companies in your city are the leaders in Russia in these areas. Yandex simply determines your location and understands that you need pizza delivery in your city. This is called “SERP regionality”.

These queries are called geo-dependent, that is, whose search results depend on the location of the user who entered this query.

There are many geo-dependent queries, they are available for most businesses. An important part of these requests is commercial.

Business inquiries – when a user wants to order a service or purchase a product.

Regional promotion is based on promoting the website in a specific region or city for geo-dependent business inquiries.

So what should you do to make your business website appear well in your city’s search engines?

I will tell you about the main actions, often this is enough to significantly improve the situation.

1. The site must have a “Contacts” section, which will contain the full contact details of the company.

Why is this necessary? Very simple. Before you start promoting in your city, you need to help the search engine determine which city you are in. If this is not done, it may not be able to determine the city itself (especially if the site is crooked) and will redirect your site to another city. This will make the promotion unnecessary.

Here is what should appear on the site in the “Contacts” section:

  • Address. Index, City, Street, Home, Office, Yandex, or Google Map embedded on the page with a mark of your location, if you have an office with street access or a sign on the street – place this photo.
  • Telephone (s. Telephone numbers of different divisions, all numbers are mandatory with country and city codes. The fax number will not be superfluous either, you must also indicate it with the country and city codes. city
  • Requirements Form of ownership, company name, OGRN, TIN
  • How to get there Submit a list of buses, fixed-route taxis, trams you can reach on and a list of stops where you need to get off.

The search engine determines the geographic location of a business by a combination of a number of characteristics: postcode, city phone codes, city and street names. In addition, the search engine can check your OGRN and your TIN to make sure the business is registered. Also, sometimes sites are manually verified by people. It doesn’t often happen, but it does. People watch how good the information on the Company contacts are convenient on the page and manually assign ratings. Therefore, you need a location map, a list of vehicles that you can use to get there, etc.

2. Register the site in Yandex.Webmaster

 Yandex. Webmaster is a service where you can manually explicitly set a binding to a region and a city. But manual linking does not mean that you cannot specify the contact information, which was mentioned above. By registering the site in this service and manually specifying the city in which the company operates, you will speed up linking the site to the city.

3. Register the site in the main directories

At least in these:

  • Yandex.Directory;
  • Google addresses. After registration, at the address you indicate as the company address, you will receive a paper letter with a code by post. Only by entering this code will you be able to complete the registration.
  • 2Gis. There is a separate article on this, tk. n Therole in 2Gis has its own nuances, not particularly complex.

Why is this needed? These are the main Runet directories, in addition to the fact that free clients may come from there (especially 2Gis), company and site information in these directories also helps search engines determine regional affiliation. of the site.

How do you get the site to be searched first in your city’s search engines?

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