Backlink verification services

Backlink verification services

It’s no secret that working with the external link mass of a site is one of the most important stages of search engine optimization. A large number and good quality of backlinks allow the resource to become more visible on the world wide web and take higher positions in the organic search results of PS. To understand how effectively the process of building external links to the site is being performed, whether the webmaster is moving in the right direction, and which links are pulling the resource down, you need to regularly analyze the link mass.

In this article, we will look at the most popular services for finding external links. Among them, there will be both paid and free ones.

“Yandex. Webmaster»

Owners of Internet resources connected to the Yandex. Webmaster service can easily check backlinks to the site in their Personal account. Webmaster is a free service that allows you to find all the links that Yandex sees. The information obtained here is considered one of the most relevant in comparison with competitors. This service shows the following data::

  • URL OF the referring web page;
  • URL of the linked page;
  • anchor (link text);
  • SQI indicator of the resource hosting the link;
  • the date when the Yandex robot found the link;
  • the date when the information was last updated.

By going to the “External links” section, you can see a General graph of the link profile dynamics, a diagram of the distribution of the ICS indicator (formerly TIC), and below a list of the links themselves. Yandex. webmaster allows you to view existing and deleted links separately, group them by ad platform, or show only broken ones. The functionality of the service is not the broadest, but it copes with some tasks quite well.


  • free of charge;
  • provides up-to-date information;
  • shows the X of donors;
  • ability to upload data to a separate file.


  • because of the small set of tools, it is not possible to conduct a detailed analysis of external links on the site;
  • you can’t analyze your competitors;
  • it doesn’t show information over long time periods.

Google Search Console

This is a service that helps you find all the backlinks that the Google search robot sees. The Search Console allows sites connected to it to get a list of backlinks, as well as the following information:

  • what resources most often link to the site;
  • which resources most often link to a particular web page;
  • how many pages does each donor link to?;
  • which pages have the most backlinks?;
  • which pages have the most backlinks from a particular site;
  • anchors (hyperlink texts).

Like Yandex. Webmaster, this external link search service provides up-to-date information, but it does not have the widest functionality.

By going to the “Links” tab, and then to “External”, you can see the total number of links, a list of the most frequently referenced sites, as well as destination web pages. The “Advanced” button will show each of the reports in more detail.


  • free of charge;
  • provides up-to-date information;
  • it is possible to export data to tables.


  • limited functionality (there is no historical data, graphs of the dynamics and development of the link mass, etc.);
  • you can’t analyze your competitors.


This project is considered a leader in the field of link mass analysis. It is paid, and its cost starts from $ 99 per month. There is also a 7-day trial period for $ 7.

Ahrefs has fairly wide functionality. You can use it to analyze both your own and a competitive site. Namely, get:

  • detailed reports on all external links, domains, and anchors;
  • chart of link mass development over a certain period of time (last year or month);
  • graph of the growth of referring web pages;
  • spamming of the anchor list;
  • analyze your site’s ranking, keywords, content, and more.

You can learn more about the full functionality of each package on the official website.

The information provided by Ahrefs via backlinks is considered the most up-to-date after Yandex. Webmaster and Google Search Console. At the same time, the functionality is much broader, which deservedly makes the service one of the market leaders.


  • extensive functionality that allows you to thoroughly study the site’s external links;
  • you can analyze both your site and your competitor;
  • available information for the entire period of the site’s existence;
  • ability to study rating indicators, keywords, content, etc.;
  • shows redirect links;
  • shows whether the link profile is spammed by anchors;
  • up-to-date and regularly updated database.


  • paid-for many webmasters, even the minimum package ($ 99) will be expensive.


Like Ahrefs, Serpstat is designed for more than just finding backlinks. It has many different functions for SEO analysis of Internet resources, including checking the link mass. The cost of the service starts from $ 19 per month (the optimal package is $ 69). In Serpstat, you can get the following information about backlinks::

  • referring domains, web pages, IP addresses, and subnets;
  • donor ratings (Alexa Rank, Serpstat Page, and Trust Rank);
  • anchors;
  • types of links (text hyperlinks, images, redirects, frames, HTTPS).

Here you can find quite a large number of different reports and graphs regarding the external link mass of the analyzed Internet resource.

As for the relevance of information, it is somewhat worse than that of Ahrefs, but the price of the service is also much lower.


  • broad functionality that allows you to conduct a detailed analysis of the link mass;
  • ability to analyze competitors;
  • reports on types of backlinks;
  • reports on new and lost links;
  • information on referring IP addresses, subnets, and trust metrics;
  • one of the most favorable prices on the market (in terms of price-performance ratio);
  • ability to upload data.


  • not the most up-to-date information;
  • the service is paid.


Backlink verification services

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