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About us

I’ve Always Wanted To work for Myself

I read a lot of books and magazines, sat on forums, and communicated with imaginary “businessmen” who only tried to sell you something or give advice that was not supported by their own experience but was partly just a fantasy of their imagination. And it is not surprising that for some reason I could not get one step closer to starting my own business, now I understand that business is absolutely not built like this…

Today, I teach people the skills that I learned in the process of creating my projects. I teach people how to get started, give them the knowledge that I used myself in the process of creating my business.

Each person, first of all, needs to satisfy their primary needs. It doesn’t matter what they do, where they work, or by whom. To begin with, the most important thing is to earn money and not think about finances in the process of developing your business.

I am interested in engaging in Internet entrepreneurship, and I like to receive rave reviews from my students who, using my knowledge and experience, we’re able to earn money on their own working for themselves.

Using my experience in creating and developing my business, I made a turnover of over 350,000 rubles in the field of Internet entrepreneurship in 2 months with almost “zero” investments. This is a quick leap considering that some things, I generally did not even know how to do and started absolutely from scratch.

I am well aware that there are hundreds and thousands of people who are interested in my knowledge and experience and want to get as much useful information as possible and build their own business. It is based on my experience, based on the mistakes that I made in my business, that I can tell You how you can start and earn your first money on your own without losing a huge amount of time. What tools can you use to take the first step towards your business-to to earn money and start not thinking about finances?

 My Road To The World Of Business Has Begun…

My road to business began when I accidentally met a friend. He said that he wants to start a business and is looking for a partner to start a business. This meeting was fatal. In the evening of the second day, I called him and offered myself as a partner. That’s how I got into the business world…

The first projects were off-line in 2010. There was no stopping us, after 6 months we already had 2 stores, an advertising company and a small office within the ring, and a turnover of 1.5 million rubles/month. Draught beer stores generated good revenue, and hundreds of customers passed through our advertising campaign. We had more than 20 advertising outlets in the best business centers of St. Petersburg. And then again I got tired of it, everything was crossed out, the stores were sold, the company was given away…and they themselves parted as friends. Again tired, again was not what I wanted…

In General, I have a strange feeling when I achieve the goal that I dream of… I’ve been in these pits since I was a kid:

When my parents and I moved to a new neighborhood, I was uneasy. We lived in a small town in the Komi Republic. I sat on the balcony and watched the guys in the yard playing soccer, I also wanted to play…but I couldn’t. It was 1998, and the world Cup ended just a few days ago.

Now I can’t remember how I got on the field, whether there was no one to stand on the goal and then I passed by, or I kicked the ball, and it doesn’t matter… Like all new players, you have to be on goal or on defense, but everyone wants to score goals and kick goals. A few months later I signed up for the football section and then it started…

In General, I am lucky, on my life path there are always people from whom I try to take the best features, sometimes it succeeds, sometimes not. Now I try to learn only from the best people, the best entrepreneurs, real masters of their craft, and just good people.

In 2003, at the city football championship, I became the best player. And my interest in football subsided, I was looking for new Hobbies for myself, and I found it in my studies and mathematics. I immediately entered 6 universities on a budget, after which the Institute also ceased to interest me. And I moved to live in St. Petersburg, the prospect of staying in a small city did not suit me at all.

You Did It, What Else Do You Need?

It’s strange, but I’m constantly not happy with myself, another person would say in my place: “boy, You wanted this – you did it, what else do you need? But I always miss it. In General, I noticed such a feature in myself that when I set myself goals and achieve this goal, I completely cool down to it. And I’m starting to want more… On the one hand, this is a good trait, on the other hand, it often just interferes with living a normal life, with one movement of my hand I can undo everything that I have done over the past few months.

It was the same this time, I was not interested in developing our business. But I didn’t relax for long and decided to do something different and not in real life, but on the Internet. In just a few months, I created a company and launched my own coupon website.

At that time, coupon sites were just beginning to appear on the markets and immediately achieve unprecedented business results. I tried to keep up, even without a huge budget, but my site started, and came out in August 2011 in the TOP 10 sites in St. Petersburg, and then again…