7 Easy Ways To Get Your Site At The Top Of The Search Engines

The Top Of The Search Engines

7 Easy Ways To Get Your Site At The Top Of The Search Engines


Hi Friends. As the results of a survey of my readers showed, the most exciting topic for the minds and hearts of webmasters was that of search engine promotion and SEO techniques. It is not surprising why we create sites in most cases? That’s right, to make money with them.

The income of a site depends directly on the number of visitors, which is 99% of cases also depends on the position of the site in the search results.

Few of us want to buy traffic for ourselves in contextual advertising and other similar tools – it is very expensive and suitable for very few people. And even the suitable ones still dream of free traffic =)

So today I am going to share with you several methods that I have tested to get your site to good positions in the search engines. They don’t 100% guarantee that you will immediately be in Yandex’s top 3 for high-frequency keys, but they will dramatically increase your chances of passing at least the 1st page and will definitely help improve your positions for key queries.


 7 methods to improve the position of the site by keywords in Google and Yandex 

First, it is necessary to define the main points. We promote websites using a set of search engine optimization measures – the same SEO. It can be external and internal.

External website optimization is a side job – buying links, all kinds of raffles, promoting articles, various services, etc. Generally, financial investments are necessary.

Internal optimization is, therefore, a job at the most promoted site, which often does not require investment, only knowledge and time are needed.

It would seem that where the money is spent and the effect should be greatest. But according to my observations, it is the internal optimization of the site that plays a decisive role, the external one only completes successfully, but not the other way around, so I pay a lot more attention to it. Now let’s get down to business.

Ways to Promote Your Site Using Keywords in Search Engines

1. Maintaining the site code. You can’t imagine how many good, interesting, promising projects suffer from people not paying attention to technical details. Something that is not visible to the naked eye, but definitely affects the site’s position in search results. If you are using a WordPress template on your site and have never looked at its code before, make sure there are lots of errors and gaps, both minor and critical.

One of the most common errors I have encountered in my practice:

  • invalid code. it is elementary checked in the validator, don’t forget to set html5 in the parameters, otherwise, you will be horrified by the number of errors =)
  • script overload, scripts that do
  • not work or do not work correctly, incorrect layout or obsolete, layout errors, twisted style sheets
  • there is no adaptation for mobile systems, which also recently affects the position of sites in search results
  • poor arrangement of elements in code, for example, a sidebar in the code above the content or a broken header structure – H1-H6 tags are used everywhere and at random, on a page can be pasted on 3-4 H1 headings, etc.
  • long loading speed, overload of heavy elements, scripts, lack of caching and code compression plugins, use of heavy images or animations, slow hosting, etc. Overall, I have noticed that a site’s loading speed is one of the most important factors in growing its traffic and ranks. You can check the loading speed of the site with the Google PageSpeed ​​tool. There you will also find tips to optimize the download speed of
  • malicious elements – both in the model itself and in the plugins, malicious code, viruses, hidden links can install which can ruin the project in the bud. I highly recommend checking the models for any special dirty tips. plugins such as TAC and the whole site with antivirus services such as AI-Bolt.
  • incorrect motor parameters – no CNCs, Cyrillic URLs, reply tocoms, etc.

All this can be found even in the most expensive and cool models. As a rule, the models are designed for the buyer to like everything on the outside, it was beautiful and interesting, but how it all works from the inside, not many people think when buying.

  1. Re-establish the link. These are the so-called internal links on the pages of the site, which distribute the weight of the mass of links throughout the site and saturate the pages with anchor links. Through competent links, you can improve your position in search results very well, especially for low-frequency keys. At the expense of an illiterate one can only make matters worse.

For small sites, you can use the manual method – put 1-2 links in the article text to similar pages in the topic. For projects with many pages, automated methods are used – they are special. self-written plugins or scripts. But even then, the links added manually will not be superfluous – among other things, these links provide natural transitions of visitors within the site, which improves behavioral factors and also has a beneficial effect on positions. Works one hundred percent – verified on this blog by experimenting with the link.

  1. Content optimization. This is direct work with text and images. Perhaps the most important point. When creating content, it’s important to understand that you’re not just creating content for search engines, or just readers. The content is created for the readers and the search engines at the same time, it is important to combine this if you want the pages to come out in good positions.

Sometimes you have to look for compromises, for example, article titles, should they catch the reader, or do they have to tell search engines the exact information about the essence of the article first? )

You must use headings and subheadings in the text, and the correct order. You will need to use lists and selections. You will need to add images or videos. And many other things. Even if you think that all of this is unimportant and will only distract from your brilliant writing, you still need to =)

Remember the technical details – the content should be unique and of high quality, without errors, and in essence, the text size is at least 1500-2000 characters, competent introduction of keywords without spam, use of synonyms and dilution, correct relevance of the text for headers and keys, use of plugin referencing to prescribe title and description tags both for the text itself and for photos, etc. Pages should be easy to read, the most important thing on the page should be somehow highlighted (headers, font size, bold, underlines, graphics, images, etc.) so that the eye catches the eye and does not allow the visitor to float to other sites.

  1. Robots, CNC machines, and site maps. With everything is clear – I installed the sitemaps Google XML sitemaps plugin and it will do everything for you. It also doesn’t take long to create a map for users. The CNC is also cleared and pasted and now we have links that contain semantics and not a random set of numbers and letters. But with robots.txt, it’s not all so clear. First of all, this file is needed to deal with unnecessary duplicate content, which is abundant in WordPress. But you can’t just copy the finished robot. from another site and be 100% sure it will work for you as it should. It’s like giving everyone the same size of clothes – it’s going to hold on to someone, it’s not going to fit on someone.

Why is this happening? Because the correct configuration of the robot depends on many factors – what type of model you have, how the CNC is set up, what internal structure of the site has and the level of nesting of the pages with content, whether there will be any content. unique on archive and directory pages or not, whether tags are used, how you configure the links, down to individual plugins which will also need to do

this. It is important to configure it in such a way as to exclude any duplicate content, without catching anything superfluous – do not block the indexing of what should enter the search engines. This applies not only to texts but also to page design elements and scripts which are responsible for setting up the structure of the page. For proper setup you can use a great tool – Google for webmasters, see it as a Google robot. There you’ll see how the search engine sees your site, and below you’ll see a list of blocked items on the page. By the way, you can also submit new pages to Google index with just one click.


I once looked at my site through a crawler’s eyes, was horrified, and included stylesheets in the robots.txt listings for indexing permissions. After that, on one of the young sites, the traffic went from 20 to 30 people per day to over 100 in a matter of weeks. Try to make sure that the search crawler sees your site as ordinary visitors see it while blocking out all unnecessary things. To do this, you may need to manually connect each script, down to the individual plugin files, so that you don’t accidentally give the robot access to the takes.

  1. Social promotion. A few years ago, hardly anyone paid attention to social media. Signals in the promotion area, search engines were neutral on the number of tweets and likes on the pages. However, everything changes, today fools. signals have a direct impact on the position of pages in search results. Also, social. networks are a promising source of high traffic for many topics.

Where do I get tweets and likes from? First of all, of course, you have to install social. buttons on the pages of your site. There are many services and plugins for this, I chose the buttons from Yande.Yandex. At least I can be sure that the stats won’t float to the side somewhere, and the block loads pretty quickly.

Plus, if you’re relying on social. promotion, you need to create a representation of your site on all popular social media. networks, in other words, create groups on VKontakte, Facebook, start a working Twitter, maybe even create a channel on YouTube. And engage in their development, add interesting content, run contests and similarly engage in promotion and subscriber recruitment. Initially, services such as Que event help saclike and others, allowing you to buy retweets, subscribers, or publications on the walls of your news and your links.

Webmasters will need to think about content that will primarily interest social network users. networks, at least sometimes.

  1. Reference weight. Yes, yes, that was in 2019, and the links are still working, despite all the claims of the new Yandex algorithms and SEO predictions over the past 10 years. But there is a big BUT. Only natural links work or very similar to them =) Ie. links posted in articles and comments, links without anchors or with anchors “here”, “here”, “on this site”, etc., links to which there are real transitions of interested visitors, thematic links and posted in articles with similar topics to trust resources.

The same links that are placed on your site from link scanners, overloaded pages, and sites with an active selling position =), links placed somewhere at the bottom of the pages or even in the footer, on which no one will ever click, and if they do, then accidentally and immediately will close the page, etc. all this will only contribute to the imposition of some penalties from the search engines, and not kilotons of traffic at all. These links, if any, should be removed as soon as possible.

Where can you find such quality and natural links? Question Per Million =) The best way is to help other people solve their problems, write a high-quality, detailed and useful article that will answer their questions. Then there is a great chance that sooner or later someone will share this information with others by leaving a link to your resource. Or, other sites will appreciate your content and copy it onto themselves, leaving backlinks to the source – that also works well.

It can also be your guest articles on other sites with your backlink.

And of course, you can buy them. If you decide to buy, I recommend that you do not waste time on trifles and immediately order the placement of your item with links, the effect will be much better.

Another thing is that good links are good plus you have to be able to choose the right donors to buy otherwise you are buying a filter for your own money. I personally use good old GGL to find and buy links from normal sites.

A good option for external promotion is to use the SEO services on the Kwork exchange. Therefore 500 rubles you can find normal options for link profiles and executions.

  1. Friendliness. Our sites are overloaded with a mass of unnecessary elements, incomprehensible ads that don’t work and don’t really generate income, all kinds of sliders that no one pays attention to, all kinds of decorators or links that no one clicks. never, pages and banners that nobody needs, plugins, which can be easily removed, or they can be replaced with a line of code and a pile of virtual garbage. Anything that doesn’t work should go away. Everything that is complex should be simplified. By getting rid of unnecessary code and unnecessary material, you will speed up the loading of the site and reduce the risk of errors and problems in these places.

The user should reach the main goal with a few clicks – your goal, for which you attract him to your site. If something is interfering with him or distracting him from this goal, it is not necessary.

In this regard, tools are very useful Webvisor, the form analysis, click map in Yandex. metric. Analyze user behavior on your site, find weaknesses and eliminate them. This will help improve conversion and behavior factors which will have a beneficial effect on ranking positions.

For example, it may seem to you that the image on the screen floor looks nice and visitors really like it, or that you definitely need a slider on the homepage, or that without this video in the sidebar, everyone will spit on your resource and say it’s not what it was before. But you can only get a real picture after experiments – measure behavioral factors in the metric, look at time spent on the page, bounce rates, number of internal transitions. Then remove and observe how the PF changes over the week. If the pf has not changed or even increased, you can safely delete the item. If they got worse, we come back as is and try something else.

And only after getting rid of all that is superfluous and there is nothing to remove, you can think about adding something. Everything follows the same pattern – with performance monitoring in the metric.

You may notice that these are far from all of the ways to improve a site’s position in search results, remember the behavioral factors of cheating, buying traffic, certain shopping on trusted sites, replies on forums, links in profiles, article directories, satellites, etc., etc. But all these cases are special cases, either already almost does not work, or severely punished as manipulations with behavioral factors, for example. I have tried to list only the most important and relevant methods of search engine promotion.


7 Easy Ways To Get Your Site At The Top Of The Search Engines

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